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The New Customs Biography

The New Customs are the compelling pairing of Emma Cloney and Dale Brown. Hailing from the prolifically musical city of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, the duo is poised to take the world by storm with their solid songwriting, heart-stirring harmonies and outstanding instrumentation. The splendid pairing of guitarist Emma Cloney’s haunting voice and the playing of award-winning, sought-after multi-instrumentalist Dale Brown make up the heart of their sound. In writing together, the pair effortlessly crafts tunes that range in flavour from folk-Canadiana to celtic to blues, yet always sound uniquely like themselves.

“These guys are gonna go places!” - Leonard Podolak, The Duhks

In the wake of a conversation in the parking lot of Winnipeg’s cultural capital, the West End Cultural Centre, and a surprise offer of a Western Canadian tour, Cloney and Brown formed The New Customs to challenge each other to explore new creative paths. Instantly, they were struck by how well their diverse musical backgrounds and writing styles meshed together. Songs flowed forth, arrangements fell into place with ease, and their style formed so naturally that it seemed predestined.

While The New Customs are a new name, the pair has more than 20 years of professional musical experience between them. Equally at home at concert halls, house concerts, or festival stages, they are a diverse and dynamic presence. Driving guitar work, soaring fiddle lines, and two perfectly matched voices all combine to create a larger than life sound, oddly familiar yet entirely new, making it hard to believe there are only two people on the stage. Together, they are truly greater than the sum of their parts.

On stage, Cloney and Brown are a complimentary pair. Their charming quirky sense of humour and endearing storytelling creates an instant bond between them and their audiences. Combine that with the musical “oneness” of their seemingly shared artistic brain, you can feel the energy in the room each time the duo takes the stage.
 “...that kind of chemistry don’t come cheap, so stash that in a bottle in the trunk and run with it”  - Daniel Peloquin-Hofner, Red Moon Road

Hitting the ground running at a breakneck pace The New Customs have already graced the stages of several festivals, as well as recorded and released their debut EP album with folk music aficionado Scott Nolan and Juno Award winner Jamie Sitar. With their full length album slated for release in early 2017 and coast to coast touring, the two delight in bringing their unique sound to audiences across the country. Constantly creating and gaining momentum by the day, the group’s future is bright and the possibilities are limitless.

“Love the new project!” -David Landreth, the Bros. Landreth




New cd available now!

Recorded live at the Song Shop with venerable producers Scott Nolan and Jamie Sitar The New Customs are ready to hit the sound waves. 
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