The New Customs


The New Customs are the compelling pairing of Emma Cloney and Dale Brown. Hailing from the prolifically musical city of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, the duo is poised to take the world by storm with their solid songwriting, heart-stirring harmonies and outstanding instrumentation. The splendid pairing of guitarist Emma Cloney’s haunting voice and the playing of award-winning, sought-after multi-instrumentalist Dale Brown make up the heart of their sound. In writing together, the pair effortlessly crafts tunes that range in flavour from folk to celtic to blues, yet always sound uniquely like themselves.

Happy New Year!

The January winter winds are extra cold from the frozen shores of Falcon Lake Mb.  Good thing Dale has more than mastered building warm fires for us to keep warm while we record our brand new full length album. Tucked away in the Manitoba Whiteshell it is the perfect scene for what prairie kids do best... hiding from winter and creating beautiful music. 

Time sure does fly, it seems like moment ago we were in Alberta and BC sharing our songs for the first time and now we look forward to our first trip to the East Coast of Canada and meeting all the friendly faces out that way.  February touring adventures here we come.  Then it's home to Manitoba for our famous winter celebration Festival Du Voyageur where The New Customs proudly join the ranks of some of Manitoba's finest artists.  

It's an exciting time in The New Customs camp with so many new things on the horizon. 

We can't wait to share it with you all

Emma and Dale - The New Customs 

copyright The New Customs 2017