The New Customs


The New Customs are the compelling pairing of Emma Cloney and Dale Brown. Hailing from the prolifically musical city of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, the duo is poised to take the world by storm with their solid songwriting, heart-stirring harmonies and outstanding instrumentation. The splendid pairing of guitarist Emma Cloney’s haunting voice and the playing of award-winning, sought-after multi-instrumentalist Dale Brown make up the heart of their sound. In writing together, the pair effortlessly crafts tunes that range in flavour from folk to celtic to blues, yet always sound uniquely like themselves.

Looking Ahead

Well, we made it through our first tour! A HUGE thanks to everyone at Home Routes, as well as all of our wonderful hosts.  It is such a pleasure to get to meet so many people and see more of this amazing country of ours.  Also, a very special thank you to Jackie and Dale of Gallery House Concerts for stepping up and saving our bacon when one of our dates fell through.

Coming up, we have several great shows to look forward to, and much planning to do for the next few months!  More to come soon!

Emma and Dale
The New Customs

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